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State and federal insolvency and restructuring laws can often require tough financial decisions, and result in difficult legal battles. The experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers, PLLC can: stop the creditor calls, save your home, avoid repossessions, and even defer some student loan payments through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in Avondale, Maricopa County, Arizona.
Located in Mesa, the Pew Law Center, PLLC, serves residents in the metropolitan Phoenix , Arizona, area and surrounding communities, including Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe We provide bankruptcy assistance to people in need of protection from creditors and relief from debt.

Arizona landlords should keep in mind that there are some situations where terminating the lease might be the wise thing to do. If there is a potential that the tenant might file bankruptcy to avoid the eviction, the landlord might be in a better position in bankruptcy court if the lease was terminated before the bankruptcy filing.
She not only knows her stuff (I'd hate to go up against her in a courtroom), but she is always there, always kept us informed, and guided us through those years with skill, support, and her knowing the ropes with navigating the sometimes craziness of dealing with a Chapter 13. Elizabeth and her firm are the ONLY attorneys I recommend after losing money to a supposed lawyer prior.

While many attorneys specialize in either Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (often referred to as consumer bankruptcy attorneys) or Chapter 11 and Chapter 12, our attorneys have significant experience helping individuals, businesses and creditors in all Chapters of bankruptcy.
For more bankruptcy information, feel free to review the information provided on our bankruptcy website, and please contact our office or call 602-277-4441 to speak with an qualified Phoenix debt relief lawyer at Platt & Westby, P.C., about your bankruptcy questions and filing for bankruptcy.
Without the proper planning your Estate may not go to the people or charity that you want it to go to and in the worse case scenario, there may be expensive lawyer and court fees battling over where your money should go. You can avoid all of this by dealing with it now.

You may qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can prove to be a very beneficial move for your financial standing. Talk to a qualified bankruptcy attorney for specific and tailored legal advice. This recognition also extends to its skilled and experienced group of attorneys, who have been recognized and awarded for being some of the best criminal attorneys in Arizona.
He especially enjoys helping his clients achieve their business and financial objectives using innovative legal strategies. But first, we need to make sure that you understand that Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix this is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney and that completing this form does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Pew Law Center.

Lerner and Rowe® Law Group is owned and operated by attorneys Glen Lerner and Kevin Rowe. In addition, find out if you meet the requirements for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. The conditions also include knowing the debts that should be discharged prior to the other kinds of bankruptcy and the procedure for discharging of the debts.
Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great form of debt relief that many people in Arizona use to save their home. After retaining a bankruptcy attorney, you should feel confident that your attorney can offer answers to you at anytime you have questions regarding your case.
The debtor is not required by law to repay any debts owed that have been discharged through bankruptcy. We are Proud to be a Designated Debt Relief Agency under Federal Law and We Provide Legal Assistance to Consumers Seeking Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

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